Minecraft: Java Edition

We provide a network of bespoke servers that are built to run as smooth as possible with hardly any downtime. We are constantly updating and expanding our network to offer the best services. All donations go towards the upkeep and the expansion of the services.


Heracraft is our survival server which is built to have only vanilla features. This server uses two claiming plugins Golden Shovel and Factions, both will claim the land. Voting rewards are enabled on this server.

This server is being constantly developed and new features/builds are being added to it all the time. This server does have rules and is purely for PVE game play.


The Underworld

The Underworld is our Anarchy server. This means there is extra features such as claiming, voting or any in game perks such as kits. It is pure survival and there is no rules! So if you want to use any mods to cheat, raid peoples bases its all allowed!

The server is sometimes monitored by staff in chat however there is no development as it is all down to you as the player.


Creative + Seasonal Events

We have our own dedicated Creative server that anyone can join at any time. This can be used for building your own creations. Sometimes we will run competitions so show off your talent!

We have a seasonal event server also which will be used for mini-games, UHC and other game modes that we want to try out.



We have a dedicated parkour server to test out your free running skills. Try to get to the top of the leaderboards on all levels!

Some are much harder than others, and they are constantly changing. More courses are becoming available.

PvP Arena

Battle it out in our custom made PvP Arena, become the top player for the most kills and run the arena like its your own!

The current PvP Arena is on the Heracraft Survival server and is only made for 2-8 players. We are working on a much bigger arena.

Mini-Games + Special Events

Join our Party Games server and have 5-10 minute quick games to earn points in game. We are working on getting some new party games for the server and are currently looking for Java Developers that can help with this. If you are interested please apply below.